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//  Origin:  Tartu, Estonia
//  Genres:  Indie/Rock/Garage
//  Years Active:  2015- Present

Leelo is from a small country known mostly for its one-time Eurovision success. In Estonian her name quite literally translates as 'folk song' and as chances have it, she’s been chasing a career in music ever since she was a child. It all started with classical flute, concert bands and choirs, which then led her to study composition and musicology, which in turn threw Leelo completely off her path and inspired her to become a songwriter instead.

For the past four years she has worked in Berlin as an independent musician, playing on the streets, touring and growing a loyal audience. Her music takes influence from classical rock and classical music, infused with a modern, singer-songwriter writing style. Her direct lyrics, honesty and strong presence is something that has resonated with the audience on and off the stage. Since her debut album release in 2019 she has toured internationally and worked together with the likes of Shure microphones, Stagg Music and Melt! Booking. She's currently working on her next releases. 


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